Redro, the affordable cloud based procurement system developed for companies that place orders with multiple suppliers and require budget control, a robust approved authorisation process and are looking to make cost savings.

Redro eliminates paper orders and provides procurement efficiency and live management reporting on spend by supplier products, by location and nominal code.

We provide a fully managed service, together with high quality software to offer you a complete, affordable solution. Our aim is to help companies save money, control costs and achieve purchasing benefits.

The system is designed to be paperless, no need to have bits of paper flowing between departments.

All the suppliers and products on one easy to use web portal. The system allows you to quickly confirm receipt of the goods when they arrive at a location from the supplier. The supplier is informed of any discrepancy, this information is on line for easy and accurate matching of the invoice to the original order.


The profile set by each individual user will determine what they can order and only show the suppliers and products that they are authorised to purchase.

The lowest profile that can be set for a user is that they can only order from one supplier, with only one product and only allow a minimum quantity per order or per month.

Reporting at all levels so companies have visibility and control of all purchases made.


If an order that is placed goes outside the parameters set for the user,  an automatic email alert will be sent to relevant authoriser for them review and action.

Most companies set the parameters for authorisation by Nominal Code or General Ledger Code by location, to ensure the financial budgets set are achieved.