Reduce the time and cost of manually processing invoices.

The Redro Invoice three way matching module can be an added as part of the Redro Procurement system.

Automate the process for matching and validation of invoices to purchase orders and deliveries, a three way matching process. With Redro’s own Xtraco software we receive PDF Invoices directly from the supplier or customer and automatically extract accurately the specific data required, which is then matched against the original Redro purchase order or good received information. This greatly reduces the invoice validation time that normally requires human resources and removes the need for addition manual keying in of the invoice information.

When the invoices have been matched an export file can be created in a format for uploading into your back office system or exported in excel format for keying into your back office system.


The system will store a copy of the original invoice which is stored on-line with easy access for reference and audit purposes. We can also send a copy to your own document storage system if required.

This automated process reduces the time required to manually process hard copy invoices, which normally requires human resources and will reduce admin processing cycle times and costs.

Typically the non value added activity for checking and matching invoices against purchased orders is manual and a very time consuming function, as you have to check all invoices against received goods and purchase orders to identify the anomalies. Using the Redro Invoice matching module will reduce the non value process and speed up the invoice processing time and allow more time and resources within the finance department for other functions.